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CT Scan X-Ray

CT Scan X-ray

If your internal pulp has been damaged beyond repair or an infection has occurred inside the tooth you may require root canal treatment. Root canal therapy removes the damaged pulp and disinfects the areas before filling the canal with a special filling material. This strengthens the tooth and reduces the chances of reinfection.

Sometimes metal fillings can cause cracking and breaking of teeth and cause headaches. White composite fillings are a reliable alternative to metal fillings and can be capped with a porcelain crown to ensure longevity.

Old fashioned metal caps/ crowns can often appear dark and black around the gum line. These crowns can be replaced with the modern non metal crowns to mask the appearance of the dark line. If designed carefully, the modern crowns can appear so natural that it’s hard to spot the difference between and natural tooth and a capped tooth!

  1. Treatment planning for dental implant surgeries.
  2. To locate impacted (embedded) teeth.
  3. To check important landmarks e.g. nerves, blood vessels, sinuses etc
  4. Treatment planning for orthodontics.
  5. For complex root canal treatment cases – to locate canal openings and to check shape and length of canals.

The process is very similar to conventional full mouth x-ray (OPG). No special preparation is required for the procedure. Prior to the scan, you will be asked to remove anything that may interfere with the imaging e.g. metal objects in the head and neck region. Most of the time, patients are positioned in an upright, stand-up position. Once in place, the device will rotate around the head. This usually takes about half a minute. You will not experience any pain during a CBCT scan. No dye injection is required for this procedure.