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Signature Service:
Pro-Arch Implant​

Pro-Arch is time-saving treatments with the option of immediate temporization. Evidence. Clinically proven and scientifically backed materials and components.


The placement of tooth implants is a rapidly growing field. Increasingly, patients are seeing the vast benefits of this dental restoration. Along with popularity, dentists are noting the need for areas of improvement based on what they are seeing in their patients. 


Our team at Casa Dental is here to show you the difference.

Advantages of Pro Arch Dental Implant

Less recovery time

No Diet Restriction

Long term solution

Better oral hygiene

Natural appearance


Pro Arch Over Dentures

This is a fantastic solution to the problem of total edentulism. If you have lost all the teeth in one or both of your arches, we can replace them with a permanent denture. 


Essentially, the Pro Arch Overdenture gives you a permanent set of fully functioning teeth. 


The Pro Arch solution gives you a set of teeth that are easy to take care of and nearly identical to your natural teeth.

Advantages of Pro Arch over Dentures

No adhesives

Does not irritate the gums

Improved sensations of flavour and hot and cold

Avoids further deterioration of the bone